We believe

Everything can be improved over time and we have what we need to achieve it.

The team

Carlos Arango

I have 6 years of experience in digital as head of e-Commerce for LATAM Airlines and as a Strategist for Google. Currently finishing Digital Business at Hyper Island.

Patricio Casaubon

I worked for +7 years as a Digital Strategist and Consultant, working with clients from various industries. I'm passionate about the possibilities of the digital mindset, and currently finishing Digital Business at Hyper Island.

Astrid Kjær Knudsen

I have a background in experience economy and service design. Unfolding companies, teams and individuals capability to innovate. I’m now finishing Digital Business at Hyper Island.

Our guidelines


Living in a digital world requires an open mindset of constant learning and adaptability; remember, it’s not only about technology.


All the decisions made in our lives should be based on the impact on the people we affect.

Lead by example

Walk the talk. True leadership comes when people admire you for what you do and not only what you say.


Better things happen when we co-create, learn together and share power.

Seize your potential

We have everything that is needed to reach all our goals. We just need to unleash them.

Embrace change

Change is the only constant that exists. We need to learn to adapt to all different situations.