ICA Gruppen

Roadmap for cultural change


Together with ICA’s Culture Lead and a Hyper Island team we created a strategy to deploy the culture change for ICA’s digital team.


After understanding the teams’ culture and expectations for this change, we found gaps between the desired culture and what the teams are living today, understanding that people need to take part in creating a new culture.


We conducted a couple of workshops: the first one with the team members, facilitating them to create and define their own culture, empowering them to choose action plans and implement them to grow the culture.

The second one took place together with the management team, in order to reflect on the current implementations, to set the next steps and a follow up plan, to make sure that change will happen.

Finally, we reviewed leadership frames, and worked with a strategic leadership mindset, to throw light on the fact that leaders are not alone when facing change; the teams need to be onboard to support it.